Program Mission: The AmeriCorps*National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC) mission is to strengthen communities and develop leaders through team-based national and community service. Members are between the ages of 18 and 24 and have demonstrated a strong interest and willingness to participate in a national service program. Members serve for 10 months with a team on community projects that address the most pressing needs in the areas of the environment, education, public safety, unmet human needs, and disaster relief. A majority of projects require the team to travel and live in the community where they are serving. A project can last from one day to several months. Members live in dormitory-like facilities that are located on closed military bases in Denver, Colorado; Sacramento, California; Charleston, South Carolina; a veterans medical center in Perry Point, Maryland, and a municipal facility in Washington, DC.
Program Description: The AmeriCorps*NCCC program is a rigorous experience and members are required to participate fully. Members will perform a minimum of 1,700 hours of community service of which 80 hours must be independent service hours, serve effectively with a team of individuals from and in communities of diverse cultural, ethnic, economic, geographic, and educational backgrounds, among others, communicate effectively in the English language with peers, supervisors, staff and other individuals, perform physical labor, often in stressful environments and adverse weather conditions, serve long hours, oftentimes beyond an eight-hour workday, live in a communal setting, sharing living space and other health and comfort items, be flexible to sudden and unexpected changes, be drug free and help maintain a drug-free environment, and participate in activities that improve skills and help members learn from the service performed.

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Example Projects By Region

Northeast Region: Scenic Hudson River Cleanup, Poughkeepsie, NY- Corps members helped plan and coordinate the Great River Sweep, a day of service where volunteers from over 85 communities committed to clean up and remove debris from the Hudson River. The team went to the various communities and recruited volunteers for this day of service, and served with the volunteers on the day of the event. Over 2,000 volunteers were recruited for the effort that day, and they managed to remove thousands of pounds of debris from the shores and tributaries. Capital Region: Stanton Elementary School, Washington, DC- AmeriCorps*NCCC members served at three Washington, DC elementary schools as tutors and mentors for approximately 200 students. The projects involved members providing teaching assistance in classrooms during the mornings, reading tutelage for the DC Reads program in the afternoons, and after-school tutoring and mentoring through DC Kids at Chamberlain and Woodridge Elementary Schools.
Southeast Region: Special Olympics, Raleigh, NC- From day one, various teams from the Southeast Region have worked with volunteers in preparation for the Special Olympics to be held in June. Members registered participants, helped set up the events, and managed the phone banks. As the Olympics commenced, all teams from the southeast region and teams from the central and capital region participated, making this the largest NCCC project to date, with 22 teams participating. Those members served as delegates to the participants, checked in volunteers, and oversaw transportation and medical care for the athletes. Central Region: Bear Butte State Park, Sturgis, SD- AmeriCorps*NCCC members served is a state park by rebuilding observation decks, repairing trails, installing erosion control measures, and helping the park recover from a forest fire that in 1996, burned 95% of the park and forced the park to close down. Members repaired over a quarter mile of trail, installed four water bars, and repaired 1,763 feet of trail railings.
Western Region: Camp Easter Seal, Vaughn, WA- This camp, which serves children and adults with disabilities in its year-round Respite weekend program, requested the presence of an AmeriCorps*NCCC team to perform repairs and prepare the camp for its participants. Members initially called to repair damage from a devastating winter storm, but evolved into assisting in the Respite program. In all, the members cleared 45 downed trees, removed an invasive species of plant, cleared an acre of land, and participated in five Respite weekends. General Information
  • Age Requirement: 18 - 24 Years of Age
  • 9 Day Spring Break & 9 Day Summer Break
  • 3 Personal Days + All Gov Holidays
  • Limited Medical Insurance

  • Round Trip Transportation

  • Room & Board w/Living Allowance - $4000

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