Friends of the Cobbossee Watershed

Augusta, Maine
July 7th through September 12th, 2003

Project Description: The goal of this project is both Educational and Environmental.  The AmeriCorps*NCCC team worked with individual home owners to reduce environmental problems like soil erosion by installing rip-rap and buffer strips to reduce NPS along shorelines.  The Plungers also conducted courtesy boat inspections to help reduce and educate lake users about the risks of Hydrilla and Milfoil.  Another aspect of the project included selling ice cream on a pontoon boat (Otter) to help educate the residents of the Cobbossee Watershed about how to help reduce the impact of NPS pollution, soil erosion and invasive plants.

The Friends of the Cobbossee Watershed, a Maine-based, not-for-profit, private association of concerned citizens, has been established to support the efforts to protect and improve the water quality of the 28 lakes and streams that comprise the 217 Square mile Cobbossee Watershed.  The goal of this organization is to improve the water quality and the environmental impact of human inhabitation of this area.

Non-Point Source Pollution (NPS): After years of development, along with increased access to lakes (through boat launches and beaches) have resulted in significant amounts of phosphorus and other nutrients being added directly to the lakes, causing algae blooms, "swimmer's itch" and lowered levels of water clarity.  

Invasive Vegetation: The introduction into ME of non-native plants such as variable leaf milfoil and most recently, hydrilla, has created an immediate threat that needs to be dealt with swiftly and aggressively.  Education is the only known cure to eliminate hydrilla and milfoil, once it's in the lake...there is no known success story to eliminate it!!!

Bob, the Ayottes and The Plungers...the start of a wonderful friendship!!!
Emily talking with Bob during our first night in Maine. Not a bad way to start off the project.
I'm really starting like pontoon boats...a cruising comfortable. Our first project...Emily doesn't know what to do with the rocks!
Erin is trying to find a way to put down the Contact paper. Jess is more than ready to move some rocks!
We are trying to prevent things like this from happening! Emily and Erin are stapling down the Contact Paper.
Anybody for an Ice Cream break? Hey look, it's Erica selling ice cream.  It all looks soo good.
L. and Justin putting some muscle into it! It sometimes feels like we're mulls pushing a carriage.
A pretty bad case of soil erosion. Sometimes ya just got to get a little bit wet.
This is a before pictures And this is after a nice rip-rap job.
Bob explaining one of our projects to a Lake Association! The Owners of our first Project!!!
This is the pile of rocks, L. is no small man either! This is the enemy, are you ready for the challenge?
Some of the banks aren't so shallow. Wounds from the job, a torn nail and raw skin.
A not so friendly project for the Plungers!!! That would be 36 tons of rock by the way.
Katie starts by rolling them all down the hill. Emily's getting into it.
And Anna shows much much rocks make her smile! Oh yeah baby, Em and I moved this 600 lbs rock!!!
We all had to do a little a little water weaving to move the rocks. Ain't that pretty?
This is another before shot. There's your after.
Another Before. This is after.
Ben pushing rocks around in the water. Deb doesn't mind a little back pain.
Erika and Erin making the base stable. Nice work Erika.
All smiles Erin. Jess has this stuff taken care of.
Akiessa, Rita and Emily loading a big mamma jamma. I guess those team leaders aren't soo lazy after all.
Mr. Mike favorite part of the job, loading rocks. Jess working on some Media stuff...nice score with CBS.
It's the Plungers and Bob More (Executive Director) with the Otter before the Old Hallowell Day's Parade.
It's soo cool to be in a parade. And the Mainers seem to love their parades as well.
Erin handing out some popsicles. Mr. Mike offers a variety.
L. joins the fun too. Quit hoarding all the Popsicles L., there for the kids!!!
Erika and Erin come to save the day!!! "Slow the Flow" Day at the YMCA Camp.
Mr. Mike teaching about Soil Erosion. Justin attempting to entertain a crowd.
Jessi Lou doing a demonstration with the kids. The crew after a long morning of teaching kids.
John (Director of YMCA) and Bob (Director of Friends) Group picture for the photo album.
Late Night Smores over the fire. A trip to Portland to see the Portland Head Light.
Ahh, the whole groups together, scenery's not to shabby either.
One view of the Portland Head Light. L. on top of the world baby, on top of the world.
An view from the other side of the Portland Head Light. It's the first time Jess and Deb have touched the Atlantic Ocean.
An injury to Justin's finger. A few days with two stitches.
Sea Dogs Game!!! Go SEEAAA DOOGGGS, SEA DOGS!!! The Chicken Dance, why doesn't this surprise you?
Ryan, the Captain of the Ice Cream Boat, the "Otter" A little lighthouse in the middle of Cobbossee Lake.
Deb with two very happy ice cream customers. Ryan sporting his approval of the "Concert on the Lake."
Deb, don't eat all of the ice cream. Now see what you've started ;-).
BBQ at the Snider's home in Ballard's Bay. Lobster Dinner at Robinson's Wharf in Booth Bay.
Katie enjoying the view from the Booth Bay Cruise. Erika and Erin.
Emily and Bob. The boys taking over the front end of the ship.
A sad day in the life of the digital camera.

These were the last pictures that the Cannon A40 took before finally giving up and stop working.

It did cross the 5000 picture mark though...and that's not a bad life if you ask me.

Good bye forever my little camera :-(.

Mr. Mike...nice work!!!
Outside the State Capitol Building of Maine! A personal tour with Senior Policy Advisor, Dick Davies.
Spending time with the governor in his office. A beautiful view from the deck of the Capitol Building.
Time to strike a pose with Governor John Baldacci. Senate Recognition in the Senate Chambers.

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