Habitat for Humanity Bridgeport, Connecticut
April 29th - June 24th, 2003

Project Description: The Plungers came to Bridgeport ready to work hard and build homes for the future.  The team worked along side the current force of over 3,000 volunteers to build homes in the East Side, East End and the West End of Bridgeport.  The Corps members assisted in the building of these homes, providing volunteer labor as well as supervising tasks on site with other, less skilled, volunteers.

The Mission of the Habitat for Humanity of Greater Bridgeport, CT is to revitalize communities and individuals by providing low-income families a chance to move out of substandard rental conditions and into simple, decent homeownership.  They do this by building houses with donated funds and volunteer labor, then selling them at cost to qualifying families with a no-interest mortgage.

The Team's ready to rumble. We had half of this duplex, not bad if you ask me!
Our back parking lot, I think our van is the biggest!! A standard room set up, who doesn't like the ground?
Oh yeah, it's our small pond, it seems to come around when it rains. Oh yeah baby, we're in the media.
The back part of our warehouse, lots of paint. This is where all of the volunteers meet in the morning.
The main part of the warehouse, we paint lots of siding here. Panel room, oh yeah we can build walls in one afternoon here!
Ben hard at work in the panel room. Taking a break from moving panels.
Digging out and preparing the foundation of a home. Fred talking to a group of volunteers on a nice day.
Von learning how to use an electric circular star. The best shade around during lunch time.
It's fun to tour around an hold Remington Warehouse. I'm locked in!!!  Somebody help me!!!
Party time on the roof. This is the skyline of downtown Bridgeport.
Jessi Lou helping guide the gable end of the roof. It's Justin and Emily's turn now.
It's hard work getting the tresses on the roof. Just think, we actually get to put these up on the roof soon!!!
Time for a volunteerism conference. Are you kidding me, this is an awesome location of a school.
The morning of the conference...it was a little early. This is pretty posh, I like this conference.
We are all excited about pictures. What a nice day, a good conference and a nice break.
Now it's time of putting on a roof! Mr. Mike is ready for some high flying.
Erin is lovin' this stuff!!! Stretch Mr. Mike...Stretch!!!
Deb and Erika help guide in the gable end. The boyz are a sharp team (L., Ben and Mike).
We knocked them tresses out like it was going out of style. Deb and Mike making sure the tresses are aligned correctly.
Erika and Emily stablizing the tresses. Fred loves the way Erin hammers...RUTHLESS!!!
The finished product from the front of the house. Deb had a great day, she loves tresses.
We were even able to get some of the plywood on.  Our team agrees...tresses rock!!!
Katie definitely get style points for this look. Spending some time at ACS's Relay for Life.
Emily paying her respects to her Grandpa. The Survivor's walk...keep fighting...keep fighting.
Jessi Lou working the educational table. Katie is a true ass klown.
The Bridgeport Barrage donates their saud to habitat!!! I didn't even know there was Major League Lacrosse
We can always find good times in anything we do. Allen (right) and his two daughters...aw, how cute!!!
Group shot, if you like saud...raise your hand!!! Saud is definitely the vain of our existence at this point.
We worked with the CT PBS station, Linda taking a donation. This is Katie's sticky Tuna box...enough said.
Some volunteers working on some scaffolding at a habitat house. A team of volunteers work on putting up some siding.
Build the panels, put up the walls and bingo...there's your house. One of the homes we have been able to work on at HFH.
Bad Herb!  Leave the Spirit Plunger and Katie's tuna box alone!!! Looks like the Women's build is coming right along nicely.
Another basics of the foundation laid out. This is the poop pipe where Erika put her arm into.
Another home that we've had a hand in building. Habitat gets some great sponsors for their houses.
I Love Deb...there's lots of love on this team. Habitat's wonderful Intern...Thanks soo much for everything Ellie.
This Project was amazing.  Thank you soo much to the entire Habitat Staff...you really rocked our world!!!

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