Claymont Elementary School Claymont, Delaware
February 24th - April 11th, 2003

Project DescriptionThis AmeriCorpsNCCC team came to Claymont Elementary with tons of energy and numerous ideas for our first project.  We worked a variety of classrooms and also mentored many of the students individually.  We worked closely with the teachers in addressing the students with the greatest academic need, and began to meet that need during our seven weeks at Claymont.  Our focus will be primarily at the 5th grade level as the students prepare for the Delaware State Testing Program (DSTP).   

Our team mentored over 50 students consistently during lunch periods along with actively participating with teachers in the classroom.  Although our initial focus was to prepare the students for their upcoming DSTP, it was the goal of our team to contribute to the overall academic success of Claymont as a whole.  Our team also worked to improve the overall quality of life at Claymont by working on multiple beautification projects throughout the seven weeks.


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Claymont Elementary School

There are over 900 4th -6th graders at Claymont.

The 4th grade girl poking Ben!

Linda giving a little extra help to a student.

Karl finding new ways to sit in his seat.

Recess Time - Stop the Chaos!!!

L. working with a student in the hall.

Erin, Katie & Erica in the beginning stages of delirium!
Anna's lost it, is that a duct tape water bottle holder? Erica helping out a student during a mentoring session.
Anna Captivating a student's attention during a mentor session. Cortez is all smiles during his mentoring sessions.
Looks like Justin's pretty excited about it too! Jessi Lou enjoying time during her mentoring session.
Justin having lunch with Lancia during their mentoring session. These kids are making Anna's hair come out of her roots.
A meeting with the 5th Grade Boys Club! Anthony really thinks that we are all SPIES!!!

6th grade recess, Mr. Mike making his rounds. Talk about Raging hormones in the 6th grade...good lord!!!
Dazed and Confused!!! Who remembers jump rope for heart?  It still exists!!!
Ahh, a moment locked in time - Tiffany and Corrum. All this running's definitely time for a breather!!!
Samantha's caught on film by a secret spy!!! Is Linda the spy?  Or should I say Madame Scarlet!!!
Kids, it's alright...We'll get Anna her medicine...stay calm! I'll get it out of you Trinston...Give it over!!!
Ahh, ain't that cute (Jasmine, Kylishia and Najah) Jill and Shanay...5th grade takes ya back huh?
Bunny Ears?  Where? Chess Club, well done L....56 kids a the first meeting!!!
We even clean make the school look pretty. We're versatile huh?
Atta boy L., way to take care of business. I don't know if that's the proper way to use a jump rope!
Kyle and Deb sharing a moment at recess. Emily leading some kids is a game of cat and mouse tag!
So what, we like eating the kids food!!! L. Helping Alazar understand his work.
Some more beautification work, not too shabby. Some playground pals.
Ah Sarah, don't be knew I'd get a pic someday. Recess always brings out the bet in all of us!!!
Ahh, aren't they cute!!! We don't know...but she's still looking for prince charming!
Field trip to Philly. Claymont sending us a salute off to our next adventure.
And so ends our adventure at Claymont Elementary School.  What a great ride!!!

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