Habitat for Humanity Edgewood, Maryland
Saturdays, March 8th - April 5th

Project Description: Our team decided to do some extra service on the weekends.  We are scheduled to work every Saturday during our first project round.  The house was already framed and dry-walled, so we started working on the house when the siding was still off and the walls were still without paint.  We worked hard every Saturday and by the end of our time there, the house was completely finished on the outside and all of the walls inside were painted and only minor finish work was needed.

Alright, lets figure out what we're gonna do! Well, Katie's found something to do, nice ass!!!
Mike's prepping the walls for painting. Getting getting focused on the siding.
Linda taking lessons from Joe. Looks like Linda's giving Joe a run for his money.
Jessi Lou figures out how this all works out. Anna and Justin workin' as a team.
Katie hasn't come out of the closet yet ;-) Deb workin' on the ceiling!
More Paint, More Paint!!! A side shot on the house we're working on.
What the house should look like in the end (except white). Branching out, getting everyone involved.
Our Red Wagon, too bad Katie locked the keys in the car!!! L. workin' those tin snips.
The Product of Anna's hard work. Justin loves his siding.
Anna's thinking about a career as a siding installer. Mike's doing some calisthenics at the job site.
Habitat continues it's noble efforts in help provide everyone with reasonable and affordable housing!
That's some pretty good progress for one day!!!

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