Community Gardens Wilmington, Delaware
April 12th, 2003

Project Description: Eagle 2 and Fire 3 combined forces for a phenomenal day in downtown Wilmington, Delaware.  In a Split team we work on two different Community Gardens.  We built new garden plots, restored old battered ones, painted benches and planted a wonderful tree.  The teams spent 8 hard hours moving mulch, digging weeds and basically restoring the garden from the harsh winter.

Morning Stretches, I hope the weather gets a little better. The Valley Community Garden.
Doesn't look too bad, just a little bit of restoration. And a few new raised plots.
Shoveling some good quality mulch. Deb getting focused.
Anna is up to something...I just wish I knew what? Erika getting all the trash and weeds out of soil.
Weather proofing the benches. Deb loves the dirt.
It's awesome to see the community getting their hands dirty too. Some of the finished project...not to bad.
20 refurbished plots to start the spring off right. It's kind of artistic right?
Hey wait, a quick group pic. A look from the other side of the garden.
Prepping the big part of the day... `The planting of th tree of course!!!
A hard day of work ends with a dedication of this beautiful tree. I think everyone is a little bit worn out.
Ya did a great job organizing this Kat, NICE WORK. Everyone squeeze for a group shot.
The three stooges...Lucy, Emily and Kat. Time for a nice end of the day reflection at a park.
I think I can handle this...I love rivers. All we need now is a picnic basket, and guitar.
The end of a great day of work.  

What a fantastic little park.

I guess Wilmington isn't that bad after all!!!

Why didn't we come here for lunch everyday?

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