Community Clean Up Bridgeport, Connecticut
June 16th, 2003

Project Description: The Plungers teamed up with the City of Bridgeport to help clean up the streets.  On the corner of Walnut and Ridge, The Plungers spent the entire morning cleaning up the streets and trimming back the weeds so that the community can use these lots.  In addition to this lot, we helped build some more plots and spread dirt at a local community garden.  It was a very productive day actually.

This is what the street looked like before we started. Here is a corner of the lot.
Soo many weeds...not enough time. This city is actually starting to come around.
Enough already...lets get some work done. Trim it down baby...oh yeah...trim it down.
That's a scary face Deb...very scary. Time to unload some more tools.
That's a great look L., do you ever stop smoking? Deb looks soo natural with a weed-whacker in her hand!!!
Turn that corner Mike, lookin' good. We're making progress...slowly yet surely.
Now that's a team effort if I've ever seen one. Nice work...very nice work.
It's the small step, but it's a good step. Onto the next part of our project.
Building some plots and spreading the dirt. Mr. Mike taking a break from a lot of hard work.
Dumping some new dirt for the community garden. We all loving shoveling!!!
That is the line of dirt for the day, soo nasty. We even got some press from the CT Post for our work.

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