Disaster Relief Egypt, Mississippi
May 10th through May 17th

Project Description: A composite team from the NE Region of the AmeriCorps*NCCC worked in conjunction with the American Red Cross Disaster Relief team to help families and neighbors get through terrible devastation of two tornados tearing through their community on May 6th & 7th, 2003.  Luckily, no one died in the storm, but the trail that the tornado left behind will stay in these people's memories forever.  Out team is working with Family Services doing Outreach to try and get to all of the families affected by the disaster.  All we can do is try to help them get back on their feet as quickly and painlessly as possible.

A Caravan of Rent-A-Cars, um yeah...we're lost!!! Can you see the excitement? Can ya?
Some Minor Damage to a house, only a downed Antenna. Some trees that got whacked by the twister.
Yeah, the house got picked up...and then dropped!!! I don't think this one is livable.  Total Devastation.
I can't believe that things like this happen. There were people in this house when it collapsed.
Unfortunately, there were people injured in this one. Before this, there used to be a house right there.
Now, it's all over the field!!! This house was picked up and thrown about 40 feet.
Another house ruined by the Tornado. It's a good question, why don't they name tornados?
A woman was actually in this house when it was hit...she lived! Jenny and I doing our First Case File and Disbursement Order.
This is used to be this man's home. It was originally rolled over with tree's on top of it.
Not even the trees are safe in a tornado. I can't believe how many uprooted trees there are.
This is where we got stuck in our fine Buick rent-a-car. A little dirt never hurt anyone...it adds character.
The Tornado fortunately hit during the day, so there weren't many people in the houses.  

This community was very self sufficient, so the disaster recovery went fairly quickly.  We were only in Mississippi for a week.  

But it was a great week and we were able to learn a lot!  

 End of the day's debrief for our team.

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