NE Kentucky Flash Floods Hazard, Kentucky
June 23rd through July 03, 2003

Project Description: A composite team of 22 AmeriCorps*NCCC members left their projects early, gave up their summer breaks and flew to the Eastern part of Kentucky to help victims recover from some flash floods that occurred around the 16th and 17th of June.  This was quite a large operation, but it was very challenging due to the rural communities of Eastern Kentucky.  Everything was done through Outreach, and the Red Cross split our team up into three different locations.  Four to Floyd County, Seven to Pike County and the other Eleven in Hazard, KY.

Most of the pictures are from Pike County, mainly do to the fact that that is where I was stationed.  However, thanks to the digital efforts of Justin H (team leader), there are some pictures from the work done in Hazard.  The other counties experienced many of the same difficulties we ran into.  But all in all, everyone did a great job and we were able to help a lot of people throughout Eastern Kentucky.  Gotta love American Red Cross.

Pikeville, Kentucky
Peter next to Joanna (she treated us well, very well ;-). Our fearless leader, looking sharp Chris.
Our hotel had a water slide...hell ya!!! Of course we went down it!!!
Watch out below!!!  This is part of the county in which we had to cover.
The floods took out parts of the roads. Lots of mud when it's wet...lots of dirt when it's dry.
This is how welcoming them Eastern Kentuckians are!!! But you really have to watch our for the mud slides!!!
It wasn't just houses that were your car!!! Now this is what I expected Kentucky to look like!
This is a gorgeous valley. It's a nice water flow.
The snack shop...what do ya want? In the middle of a bunch of trees...this is kind of eerie.
This overgrowth only covered this 1/4 mile section. The aliens are hiding in there.
Lots of trees, lots of great views. Street signs in Kentucky...Anybody wanna see Butcher Holler?
Loretta Lynn's Cabin in the daytime. I think we've hit delirium.
How about a little bowling in Pikever!!! Ben won the second game.
Josh really needs a drink right now!!! How about some air hockey?
Now that's a scary picture. But that's just plain disturbing.
Peter's other Love, "Joanna" This is our standard client in Kentucky.  Hey there Mr. Ed!!!
Our team is starting to wrap up here in Pike County. It's been a lot of long days in a's time for a break.
Peter is being productive today. This is the area's we covered in Pike County.
Ahhh, look at Chris...looks like he has worked to hard! Two confederate flags, as if one doesn't say enough.
Pictures from Hazard, Kentucky!!!
The infamous travel day!!! An ARC volunteer gearing up for the day.
A standard Kentucky landscape. It's really an actual location!!!
Yeah, these things definitely aren't very PC!!! At least there are some really cute things in Kentucky.
Lucas and Justin at DQ for lunch. One the destruction from a mudslide.
Crazy Ben behind the wheel, scary!!! Ben watching over all the clean up kits...well done Maki!
Deb filling out a street sheet, what a pro!!! They only look for the best of the best around here!!!
Road Snacks!!!  Road Snacks!!! Oh yeah, Kentucky brings out the best of all of us!!!
Even the turtles need help sometimes!!! Ben to the Rescue!!!
That's all she wrote during this disaster.

It wasn't as easy to take pictures because it's just weird to take pictures of people's destruction with them right there.

It was easy with the tornados!  You could see it from the outside!

Until the next disaster! 

This house didn't really have much of a chance during the floods.

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